Guihua Garden
Guihua Garden is located in No.789 Heilongjiang Middle Road (the south of Oriental Castle), which is the representative real estate of Sinkin Group. It covers a total area of about 240 thousand square meters and a total construction area of about 600 thousand square meters. The first stage covers an area of about 62 thousand square meters, with construction area of about 160 thousand square meters and 1109 households. The first stage has 21 buildings which has the  greening rate of almost 40% maximum and the building density is 17% minimum, as well as in the range of 83 to 135 square meters. All of them designed as two doors in a ladder, and the daylighting effect is very good. Guihua Garden is surrounded by ecological resources on two sides, Lao mountain in the east and Dan mountain in the south. Here is filled with oxygen, so that really a rare ecological livable community.

Floor space: 62 thousand square meters 
Pot ratio: 1.7
Greening rate: 40%
Management: Sunkin property
Address: No.789 Heilongjiang Middle Road, Chengyang, Qingdao (the south of Oriental Castle)
Tel: 0532 8088 8777
Selling: The construction area of about 83-135 square meters with two, three or four bedrooms.
Traffic condition: 
Next to Heilongjiang Road, Qingdao-Yinchuan Expressway, Chongqing Road, Qingdao North bus station and Airport. 
Danshan Station or Xiaoshui Station: bus line 103, 129, 371, 640, 502, 917, 932.
Here also has an Oriental Castle bus terminal by Qingdao bus group have been built in the north of Guihua Garden. It is planning nearly 100 parking spaces which will become more than 10 bus lines’ terminal that cross from Chengyang to downtown city.

Assistant Facilities:
Danshan primary school, No.17 Chengang middle school
A nine-year compulsory education school is on the program
Chengyang people's hospital,
No.8 Qingdao people's hospital
Oriental Castle, Wanda Plaza Licang, Rock City, Qingdao International arts and crafts city, Outlets, Commercial Street in Guihua Garden
Wyndham Qingdao
Ten Mei Scenic Area, Plum Garden, The ancient city ruins park


Guihua GardenProject Introduction
Small high-rise
No.789 Heilongjiang Middle Road, Chengyang, Qingdao (the south of Oriental Castle)
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