Ideal to determine the future, achievements from the giving ----Personal interview of Sunkin Oriental Castle GM Ms Fang run chao
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     Time perishable, the first time to came to Sunkin Oriental Castle did not set a heroicoath! Just thinking: do a good job every thing. Recalling the past, Fang Runchao said slowly, she still clearly remember the past few years to lead the team to do every major move, full of thorns hard but full of sweet harvest. Because Fang has always been convinced that the party, "the ideal decision of the future, achievements come from the pay", Xin Jiang Oriental City in Qingdao continue to take root, all from non-stop efforts to pay the pace.

      As we all know, Sunkin Oriental Castle has a China Resources Vanguard supermarket, Stellar International Film City, Suning Appliance, Decathlon sports supermarkets and other authoritative retail brands. Ms Fang said that the face of strong market competition, customer-level brand more and more critical, more than three years, Sunkin Oriental Castle has completed 65% of the brand upgrade, Watson, Romeo, Tina Dora, New Balance, Rui, Ailian nearly 30 brands such as the success of the stationed. More solid Sunkin Oriental Castle to the city people to create a 360-degree life service system, and has repeatedly been  rated as Chengyang District, the most influential enterprises.          

      Sunkin Oriental Castle donated funds to the earthquake disaster areas in Yunnan Ludian donated 1 million for many years to donate primary school students fluorescent clothing, Oriental City surrounding infrastructure construction, the surrounding community free shopping card issuance, to help deaf girls dream Yao and other public welfare activities. "Xin Jiang Group is the public for 20 years has always insisted on doing things.Enterprise to develop a proper way, so that 'from the people, with the people' and I firmly believe that only a sense of responsibility of the enterprise, to be invincible "Fang always say this is very firm. 

       Sunkin Oriental Castle in July this year, we will soon celebrate the 4th anniversary of the party, Fang said the theme of the activities is different from the past.It is currently under intense planning, but the preferential efforts will be greater than in previous years to people. Recall the first three years anniversary, an average of 250,000 passengers a day in that two years, fully illustrates the recognitions of customers. Last year, Sunkin Oriental Castle launched the mascot "Demo", taken the first step in the development of cultural industry. At the beginning of this year, with the Sunkin International Fight Club jointly organized the East Summit International Integrated Fighting Competition, won the praise of the majority of fighting fans, from this point of view, after several years of accumulationthe abilit of project activities also produced a qualitative leap . Sunkin Oriental Castle, not just a business center. It has been open to accept new challenges, and constantly perform a new exciting. 

       Sunkin Oriental City is a dare to dare to do enterprise, Fang always insisted: "Sunkin Oriental City, the courage to try new things, because it can stimulate the vitality of our team,stage is as big as your heart. It must unsuccess that you do not try , success is derived from the constant giving! "Fang finally said:" I hope you came to the Oriental Castle to witness the fourth anniversary of theelebration in July this year, with us . After all, what will be the fourth anniversary of the difference, let us wait and see! We believe that the next four years, Sunkin Oriental Castle will continue to blaze new trails, to accept more challenges, and constantly bring new surprises and benefits to the public in Qingdao.