Stick to the operation and interpret the perception of the time——The interview of Sunkin Group Deputy general manager Mr. Zhaowenbo
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     Highlighting the real estate market battlefield in Qingdao, with such a youth after 80, compared to their peers is a bit more mature, stable, several years in real estate battle, let him assignment than "young" and "spark" and become more attractive. Mr. Zhao wenbo, the current Sunkin group deputy general manager, from commercial real estate to the cultural industry, with his practical and direct style along the way, shows us the 20 years history and  the future of Sunkin Group.
      Sunkin group was from the village of small factory to develop the real estate, which cover the business, finance, public utilities, property management, jewelry and six major parts in one of the diversified group of companies. In order to solve the drought problem of the masses, Sunkin Group water supply company was founded in 2001; In order to solve the Heating inconvenience of surrounding area, Antai thermal was built in 2008; There was no five-star hotel, and in 2006, Sunkin Wyndham hotel, was springing up. in 2012, Sunkin Oriental Castle; In 2015, Sunkin  fight club... The Chairman Mr. Fang hecun is the native and has strong feeling for Chengyang. His zeal and belief for home will be proved by time.

     Even if the error of 0.1 mm is not allowed for Sunkin Group 

      In 2003, Sunkin Real Estate group co., LTD. Was set up, Woody Garden as the first project to enter the real estate industry, with high standard, high quality, high requirements for the standard construction, after 13 years, it still the leader of the similar buildings. From the former Woody Garden, to Rose Garden and Guihua Garden, Mr. Zhao still strictly in accordance with the requirements of the Sunkin spirit, maintained a high standard, high quality, high requirements, whether it is from the original materials, building construction, landscape construction, or to late property management, stringent standards in Mr. Zhao terms should be "even if the error of 0.1 mm are not allowed to exist!"
      In Interview, the reporter learned that, Mr. zhao as the new generation of Sunkin group leadership, get up before five o 'clock every day and lead the project manager to check the quality of the projects under construction, construction schedule, safety, then lead the property manager check the delivered project, solve all kinds of potential safety hazard in the district, as the deputy group President, he hands-on every single thing and even for a full three years! Colleagues joke say, Mr. Zhao unconquerable WeChat movement cover is not paid advertising, to this, Mr. zhao laughed, " the construction quality and safety is my duty." Mr. Zhao said what he had done is just the microcosm of more than 2000 people work in Sunkin Group, is also the embodiment of Sunkin spirit."We will build for themselves responsible for the quality, because our construction is to stand up to a long time of wind and rain sharpen..."
      Building a house is very simple, but guarantee the quality of a house is not easy, it is important for after-sales. It's not difficult to build a garden drainage, but  ensure enduring water system landscape is very difficult. In order to maintenance garden, Sunkin property set up its own nursery, and regular replace the old to new garden plant community; In order to maintain water system, Sunkin property,  regular replacement and maintenance of washing equipment, the Woody Garden water fountain has been used for ten years and not broken.
      "The average of community garden building costs for Qingdao is about 300-400 yuan/square meter, and the cost of Sunkin property to build gardens are far above the standard, we chose to use gold stone as the main stone, the stone material quality of a material is solid, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistant, can guarantee used outdoors for a long time..."This "opportunity cost" the details of the building, but also embodied in all aspects of the Sunkin real estate. When other projects with concrete stairs, Sunkin property use marble pavement; Other projects with concrete building underground parking garage, Sunkin property is covered with a thick layer of underground parking garage floor paint...Mr. Zhao said: "I don't like our parents, who experienced strong wind surge, in this day and age only a originality, down-to-earth, can make a little tangible result to!
            the future of the enterprise lie on the Beginner's mind

     the future of the enterprise lie on the Beginner's mind. when it comes to see enterprise future planning, Mr. Zhao said: “all sorts of policy in this country are better for the enterprise and, the market is also flowers, and Sunkin group will set up new field to try more challenge ", it is understood that in 2015, Mr. Zhao as the founder of fight club, to led enterprise enter the sports cultural industry, so far, Sunkin fight club has been successfully held two integrated combat international event, but mention these, Mr. Zhao said "I love fight, because the fight club full of passion and challenges to the sport, no matter in life or work, the courage to challenge is indispensable!" Mr. Zhao know, open up new areas, challenge more likely, also is in the increasingly volatile market environment, get their own long-term development of a magic weapon to win

      Poor do not break, rich does not forget, with self-improvement at the same time, Sunkin Group don't forget the back side of soil and water. Since Sunkin group set up, there is a donation of ten million yuan; Grant mermaid be inferior to teach to fish, to solve the problem of local employment difficulty, Sunkin group arrange local people work in group, To solve the education problem, Sunkin group endowed hope primary school. we carry out the public welfare project for more than 20 years.

      "Choose the high stand, find place to sit, to the widest point line" twelve words is for Mr.Zhao the most true portraiture. don't change his mind and care about  group in the future; stick to the operation and do every single thing by himself;  give back to one party and the people." not take notice of the merit, so the work of a great deal, not for the name of a famous, therefore name glory", so everything will be proved by time!