Building home with heart, attitude of decade as if one day
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 “All I need is a warm home”     
      The quality of houses is not the only factor that buyers should be paying attention to when they are considering a purchase. Frankly speaking, residential services are far more important as it directly affects future life qualities of every single resident.
      At the southern part of ChengYang, there is a residential community highly recognized by thousands of householders – the Woody Riverside. Let’s get to find out some details about this community and analyze the perfect Sunkin residential service.
Firm as mountain under extreme weather

      This summer has been cruelly hot. While we were enjoying the comfort of air conditioning, there were a group of people standing against sun light, serving just for you.


[Security part]

      There is no air conditioning and electrical fans for them; all they have is a walky-talky, a set of uniform and a professional attitude. They have the most beautiful smile when greeting residents and they have the most serious face when they are guarding the community. They stand by 24/7 just for your safety.


[Environmental Sanitation part]

      A sudden storm was never a challenge for them. With the professional efficiency, there wasn’t a place with mud and fallen leaf after the storm. They are the ones who are in charge of hygiene and the general environment. This community is always clean and beautiful under their effort.



     Several years later, the gardens of other communities are fading out due to lack of maintenance. The Woody Riverside, however, preserved its beauty for decades. Furthermore, unlike the others, public facilities in the Woody Riverside are well maintained as brand new facilities.



[The Perfection]
      Building home with heart, attitude of decade as if one day. This is the principle of Sunkin residential service.

      From the early Woody Riverside, Chateau Lafite, Garden River to recent Greenwater flowers, Rose Garden and Gui Hua Garden, Sunkin residential service has been serving over 8800 residents with 98% of recommendation from our residents.

      Sunkin Greenwater Flowers, Sunkin Woody Riverside, Sunkin Garden River and Sunkin Chateau Lafite as four boutique residential projects under Sunkin group, have repeatedly obtained outstanding evaluation from XiaZhaung Street government executive office. The group stands out for zero negative reviews made and zero points deducted, there made Sunkun fearless in competing with the others. Sunkin residential service has overcome a number of challenges over these years, these pressures have catalyzed Sunkin’s mature management and operation method. Sunkin will continue its core value of building home with heart to its future projects, so as to create a better environment for our residents.